Homoeopathy The holistic healing

The HOMOEOPATHY is derived from HOMOEOS meaning SIMILAR, derived from Greek languages.
It has a very basic principle that 'similia similibus curantur' means 'like cure likes'. Now it has been over 200 years since Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a scholar and founder of homoeopathy from Germany, proved the first drug Cinchona. Homoeopathy truly defines a health that spiritual, mental, physical well being of person and boost our immunity to attain this by getting rid of disease. Homoeopathic medicines, which are in very minute dose, acts by, helping our body’s healing power to restore health back to its normalcy, and complete cure of disease.

These medicines act very gently and without any side effects. Though homoeopathy has its forte in management of chronic disease, has proved equally efficient in acute disease. From its inception till date, homoeopathy has stood tall in resolving all controversies. Surprisingly those who criticized, later got converted to homoeopathy. Now homoeopathy is practiced all over the globe and lndia being the hub. Here it has been honored by great people like Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi.

Homoeopathy has always spoken through languages of cure, for millions of ailing patients and proved its rational and scientific basic. In the era of technological advancement, where psychosomatic diseases are prevalment, homoeopathy has proved, a blessing, to be safer and gentle way of attaining health..

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Homoeo Laboratories was formed by Dr. Sadashiv Pendse and Smt. Malti Sadashiv Pendse in Mumbai with a great passion for homeopathy.


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